Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How my mommy helped me feel better

I was feeling a little down about the situation, I have to admit. I haven't been thinking about it consciously 100% of the time, but I was just having trouble getting started one morning. The kids were roaming among the clean laundry heaps like wild things. I was bobbing around the kitchen, assembling food items for breakfast: this one eats this, a little of that for the other one. What will I eat? I had a sadness in my throat.

I set the kids to their joyous morning devour and floated into the living room with the vague thought of tidying. I picked up my iPhone and started fiddling with the podcasts. I looked up just in time to see a nice hulking SUV pull past the house and turn into the driveway.

Mom!! She came! My mommy! Oh, happiness!

I was holding the door open for her before she reached it; both of us were beaming. "Aren't you sneaky!?" She had to admit she was. "I didn't know I was coming until I left the house!" She had left for work, and then taken a detour to my place. Dad probably didn't even know she was here.

The kids went nuts when they say their grandma! Jack started showing off some of his moves, and Jill squealed with glee. I looked alive, started clearing the dishes into the dishwasher to make a path to the coffee maker.

We had a good talk. The kids had a good cuddle. I wasn't the first to mention Dad, and when Mom brought him up, the talk was light - funny, even. I won't get into it now. The point is: it was so nice to see her! It gave a good start to the week.

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