Monday, February 2, 2009

Secret Life of a Wonderful Husband

I'll take a break from telling my history to tell you something wonderful that happened today.

John has played guitar all his life. He is an Information Technology consultant, but his passion is music. He studied it with zeal in University, picks up tunes quickly, and is more skilled at playing than anyone I know.

When we first met, I wondered why he didn't play music more publicly. It seemed an eccentric hobby, to be such an expert, but never perform. He explained that although he excelled in music in school, achieving top scores and developing close personal relationships with the professors, his father had insisted that John pursue a practical career. John hated his IT courses, and dragged them out miserably.

There certainly have been benefits to John's career. We have stability, and John is a great asset to his team at work. He's not passionate about it, but he enjoys aspects of the work, and I'm grateful to him for putting so much energy into it for me and the kids. I can't express how wonderful that is. I don't take it for granted!

John didn't let me know how important music was to him until a few years into our marriage, so for years I didn't understand that he had sidetracked his dream throughout University. He had focused on IT to earn his father's approval, and ultimately, his father had been making sure John would be able to support his future wife - before I was ever in the picture! I realized I was responsible to make sure John felt he could pursue his dream if the opportunity ever presented itself.

John's love of music is multi-faceted, though, so it was never a requirement that he play guitar in a band. John took music theory lessons for a while. At another time, we bought a clarinet and he took lessons in that. We collect classical and rock music, scores and books about music, and we invest in software and hardware, so lots of our family's time and energy goes towards realizing something of John's dream, as it should.

Meanwhile, John has quietly been watching Craig's List for mature bands seeking a guitar player. And today, it paid off. A mature band is looking for a guitarist. They play local clubs, and have some originals of their own. John answered the ad, and will be auditioning in a couple of weeks.

We're so excited! John is beside himself. We have a set list to practice, so we're focussing on learning and practicing them. And by "we," I mean John is working like a fiend, and I'm clearing the way for him.

Nothing is certain at this point, but let me tell you what I do know: I love the idea that John could be playing clubs with real musicians. It makes me warm for him in a NEW WAY. I want to go to the shows, watch him playing up on stage, probably wearing something, I don't know, FITTING, maybe working hard under the stage lights, working up a sweat. Or maybe he's the cool one receding mysteriously into the shadows, sporting something dark and FITTING. Either way.

John caught me looking at him with that smile on my face, and said, "now imagine how I'd look with a new Marshall amp."

I'm very keen to get him out to the mall for some new pieces for his wardrobe, and to book him for a haircut. Apart from making time available to practice, these are the things I can do to help. I can also express my approval in the nighttime hours. These are the things a married couple should do for each other, don't you agree?

I'll keep you informed as we learn the music and work towards the audition. No matter what happens, it should be interesting!


  1. That is soooo frickin awesome! Rock it John!
    We are cheering you on from MA ;)

  2. Thanks! It's a great opportunity to blog something exciting as it happens, too. I'll keep you posted!