Friday, March 13, 2009

Informing the Errant Son

At that early morning tea, which was so sad for my Grandma's passing, and so annoying with my dad, I offered to make the call to my uncle informing him of his mother's death. I offered to do this so that my mom wouldn't have to weep on the phone to the errant son, whom I had never witnessed expressing any affection toward Eveline.

I called and called, and emailed with lots of different ways to get in touch with me. I finally got through, and relayed my tearful condolences, and the tale of Eveline's passing. Days later, I learned that my uncle had resented hearing the news "second hand."

Because Eveline's death had been very sudden, we were informed that we wouldn't have the death certificate for a few days while the circumstances were examined. My uncle, who lives a two-day drive away, called my dad the day after the death, and asked if he should come over. My dad said to wait because the funeral wasn't set at that point, and he planned to take my mom out of town for a few days while my brother and I sorted out all the details. The next day, they set out for our town anyway.

At this point, I should clarify that my other Grandma, Anne, was staying with my aunt and uncle. So, the three of them, my aunt, my uncle, and my Grandma Anne were headed for our town, even though the family rift meant that no one would be entertaining them, my parents would be out of town for three days, and the funeral wasn't even set yet, but we expected it wouldn't be for a week. On the way over, my uncle called my mom and asked about the will. He's classy like that.

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