Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Will Changed Things

We all felt a spell of relief when we heard my uncle's response to having been written out of the will. If he hadn't expected anything, and was coming to town anyway, then maybe we would experience some kind of reconciliation with my aunt and uncle.

Things with my family are never this simple.

My brother didn't realize it at the time, but he got the first hint of my crazy family's intentions when he spoke with my Grandma Anne, once she was back in her Granny suite downstairs from my parents. When he asked her when my aunt and uncle were intending to leave town, she said they were all leaving on Saturday. John said this didn't make sense, since the funeral was set for Tuesday, but he didn't think my aunt and uncle would stay in town for a full week after that. My Grandma said that in that case, she didn't know what they were planning.

It turns out that my uncle had arranged his own private funeral for himself, my aunt, and my grandma Anne at the morgue on Saturday, and planned to leave town without attending the viewing or the funeral.

This, they did.

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